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Teaser Tuesday #34: Duality


Teaser Tuesday 
is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB @ Should Be Reading, where you share one to two teasers from your current book. Sound like something your interested in?

Then do the following:
  • Grab your current read. Open to a random page
  • Share 2 "Teaser" Sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share  doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others! 
  • Share the author & Title too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like your  Teaser!

Hey Guys,
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve. I have plans to spend a quite night home with my family, and bring in the New Years watching the ball drop on TV! I hope you all have an awesome night, and stay safe! ;) Anyways, check out this weeks TT and let me know what you think in the comment section. Be sure to link me up to your TT or weekly memo so I can come visit you!


Here's My #34th Teaser Tuesday From Duality!

Duality (The Hitchhiker Strain, #2)Duality
Kellie Sheridan
(The Hitchhiker Strain #2)
Published: March 2014

Genres: YA, Dystopian, Zombies

The end of everything came quickly, but the road back is endless and full of heartbreak.

After months of only death and loss, Veritas may be the answer everyone has been searching for—a cure. Savannah wants nothing more than to begin rebuilding, but with both the Initiative and the United Militia vying for power, there are no easy answers. Ending the threat for good could mean becoming something far worse than the monsters she is fighting against.

The infected will not go quietly. For Chelsea, the choice to step back into the world of the living is anything but simple. No miracle can erase the memories of the things she saw or the people she killed. While the girl she was struggles against the beast she became, Chelsea must make a choice—succumb or fight.

These Teasers ARE taken from an ARC! All wording & Scenes may or may NOT be the same in a finished draft!

Chapter 3: Page: 17
"Chelsea's Chapter"
The same infection that gives the feeders their strength fuels me, supercharging my muscles and pushing my survival instincts to the forefront of my mind. But there’s one crucial difference: I survive the infection. My body is intact, powerful, and just as driven as the undead who attack without thought.

They are the true zombies.

I am a hunter.

Chapter 8: Page: 63
"Savannah's Chapter" 
Brain damage is a tricky thing. Sometimes it’s as simple as a knock to the head, hitting just the right spot, or a swift kick to the temple. Sometimes you just have to run them right through to make sure they’re really, really dead. This time it’s the latter. Thankfully, I have a plan B. Grimy fingers grab my wrist as I bring my weapon down but his grip falls slack immediately. 

Kellie SheridanI have been in love with stories in all of their forms for as long as I can remember. Admittedly, sometimes that means falling into places like Stars Hollow and Sunnydale, but books have always been my true love. In early 2011 I began writing a book blog in order to share my favorite reads with book lovers. From there, the bookish community encouraged me to stop sitting on my own stories and share them instead. Since then I’ve been madly devouring everything I can about digital publishing.

For the past two years I have been mainly obsessed with young adult books, but my favorite stories still come from the adult fantasy genre. As far as I’m concerned, Briggs, Bishop, Vincent and Vaughn are all must reads.

I spent part of my twenties living in Galway, Ireland and swooning after various lilting accents but am now back home in Ontario, Canada. My family includes two Glen of Imaal Terriers and a Green Cheek Conure.

{Blog} {Goodreads} {Twitter} {Facebook}

 So, Whatc'ha think of my Teaser Tuesday Of Duality?
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BBB Blast: Day# 6: Elle Chardou

Out From Under  
(The Lovers Duet #1)
Paperback, First, 350 pages
Published July 31st 2013
by Midnight Engel Press, LLC

Trista Lennon is strong, independent and only desires freedom. Freedom from the control of her parents, freedom from the motorcycle gangs she has had to put up with her whole life and freedom from a relationship that will trap her into the very life she has no wish to ever live.

The day before she’s supposed to leave for Stanford University to pursue her dreams, her world is shattered. After a tragedy that tears her family apart, Trey, her cousin, Talia, invites her to L.A. Her life is all the sudden Hollywood stars and sunshine, late nights and wild parties.

And then she meets him.

Linx Carter isn’t looking for a relationship. He survived a dysfunctional marriage with his childhood sweetheart, which produced two sons, an inability to trust women and a multitude of lies. He merely wants to recuperate from a rough, six month tour Winter’s Regret just completed with superstar band, Scarlet Fever, and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Until he sees her.

Trista and Linx fight their attraction for one another like war on a battlefield.

She has a closetful of secrets and he would rather be single and pathetic than date a teenage girl who seems older than her years. However the passion between them is too much to resist and they realize in order to heal one another, they must destroy the walls they have constructed so tightly around their hearts.


I am a visual person and the reason why I worked closely with my cover artist on this particular cover was because I wanted to convey two different characters and worlds colliding.

The woodsy background is very symbolic and important because the lead female character, Trista Lennon, grew up in the small town of Pine Bluff, Nevada, which is controlled by the Demon’s Bastards MC. Her oldest brother, Trey Lennon, is also a member of the outlaw Bastards charter club.

Linx Carter, the lead male character, is a bassist for Winter’s Regret, a very successful hard rock band, and the reason why he doesn’t face the camera was symbolic and important too. He always wants to go unnoticed even if he is covered by tats and fly underneath the radar.

The directness you see in Trista’s eyes is very symbolic of her character too. She faces everything head first and sometimes she speaks before she should but she is direct, very in your face and not scared of much but having a brother who is an MC member, I think her character act’s appropriate for what she has grown up around.

The cover is understated and very much opposite of the novel, which starts like a slow burn and then everything converges and the reader is taken on a wild ride they are not bound to forget any time soon.

I don’t consider this a woman’s novel at all. I think guys would definitely enjoy it too since the story is told from both of their point of views, which are very different from one another.


In Too Deep
Paperback, First, 360 pages
Published October 7th 2013 
by Midnight Engel Press, LLC

In too fast…

Trista Lennon-Carter received a phone call that will change her tranquil life with her husband, rock star Linx Carter, in the blink of an eye. All she knows is her brother, Trey, is either dead or being held against his will in Northern Ireland and despite him being the Demon’s Bastards’ Sergeant-at-Arms, he needs her help.

In too far…

To save Trey, Trista will have to take Linx back to the very place she grew up and the same place she’s wanted to escape from her entire life. She will also have to involve the very Motorcycle clubs she has no wish to deal with ever again. When it is a life or death situation, she would do anything to save the only family she has left.

In too deep…

The club life has become ingrained in Trista like a tattoo and to save her brother, she will be forced to become the person she most feared was a part of her all along: a vengeful, fearless murderer who will stop at nothing to save Trey. With her life and that of her husband’s at stake, will she survive the nightmare their world has become, or will it drag them back into the criminal cesspool she has finally managed to escape?

The stunning conclusion to The Lovers Duet, Trista and Linx’s journey will be one of strife, hardship and beyond the boundaries of anything they have ever had to face before. Will they be able to endure or will the past and their current present ruin their future happy ever after?


“THIS IS BULLSHIT!” Trista screamed.

She looked like a wild yet untamed filly with sweat-soaked hair, crazed blue eyes and a crimson colored complexion. She was beyond pissed and Linx didn’t have a clue how to calm her down, especially since she was speaking to his Prez and there wasn’t much he could say without getting a personal beat down of his own from his fellow members.

“Listen to me, young lass, because I will only take insubordination for so long before I rip you a new asshole.” Dizzy stood and glared down at the young woman and Linx visibly flinched.

He’d always hated the feeling of being helpless and right now, there was fuck all he could do about the present situation.

They’d accompanied Naomi to the gun range and although Trista could hold her own with small caliber weapons, she was useless when it came to the big guns. Uzis, Steyr AUGs and AK-47s were not easily controlled and she fucked up royally, even after instruction by Naomi. She wouldn’t be allowed to make the trip to Belfast.

“You will stay here where you are safe. This is a dangerous operation.” Dizzy walked over and poured himself a healthy glass of Macallan before he sat down at the head the table in the chapel again. “Ronan, Quinn and Lennon will be in Belfast to do a messy job. In and out…Trey is alive and we have to get him out of Northern Ireland as soon as possible. You don’t need to be there if all you’re gonna be is dead weight, lass. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.”

“But he’s my brother and I want to see him. I want to be there when he’s rescued.” The tears streamed down her face and although her shoulders slumped in defeat, there was a certain defiance about her posture he knew she wasn’t ready to give up just yet, not even if there was a slither of a chance she could go and help save her brother.

“The answer is still no and it won’t change. You have got to stay here where we can keep you safe. The boys leave tomorrow morning so it’s best if you just get drunk with the rest of those eejits out there and fuck your man until he can’t get his pecker up again because it’s the last bit of Irish injection you’re gonna be havin’ in youse for a while.”

Linx grabbed Trista by the shoulders and escorted her out of Dizzy’s office while she sobbed on his shoulder.

“Baby, you know I’m gonna bring Trey home for you so please don’t cry. That will get us nowhere and we both know I’m on borrowed time as it is. I have two weeks to get this done and almost one week has passed already.”

Trista’s shoulders heaved before they collapsed and she wiped the tears away in complete and utter gut-wrenching frustration with hands that clawed at her gorgeous face. “It still doesn’t make a fuck all bit of difference. Dizzy tricked me—he fuckin’ played us, Linx. He had no intention of allowin’ me to go to Ireland with you guys. He never wanted me involved in the first place because he’s a sexist fuckin’ prick.”

Linx kissed the side of Trista’s forehead and held her close, inhaling a mixture of vanilla and freesia. “Yeah, he’s that too, but I can’t say I’m sorry you’re not goin’. I would be worried about you the whole time and if I’m too busy thinkin’ about you, I can’t do my job properly. There’s nothing wrong with you stayin’ here at the clubhouse until I get back. You’re safer here than any other place, you feel me?”

“Yeah, I’m feelin’ you all right but first I need some chronic and a couple glasses of Macallan. Someone has got to be holdin’ some grade-A shit around here and I’m not givin’ up till I find it.”

“Follow me.” Linx grabbed her hand and led her to a game room where a fifty-inch television was mounted to the wall and several of the brothers from the club played Mine Craft while other young couples necked, smoked and drank while chatting animatedly with one another.

“Trista, Linx—over here!” Naomi shouted as Ronan rolled his eyes. Quinn sat next to a gorgeous brunette with creamy skin, wide steel blue eyes and small Irish features. They all passed around joints and while the two women held bottles of Bud Ice, the guys were taking shots from a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Cillian and Gisela entered and took a seat cater-corner to them next to a couple that were all over each other to the point where it might have been a good idea for them to get a room.

“Hey, you two—cut that shit out. Some of us wanna keep our liquor down.” Cillian slapped the girl on her arm and she finally separated from the man she was pawing.

Linx poured himself a shot of Jack Daniels and took a shot while Naomi lit up a joint for Trista. He looked up and recognized the young woman as Maeve “Misty” Cox, the only girl in a family full of boys and the guy she was with as someone who shouldn’t have been there.

“What. The. Fuck.” Trista grabbed Linx’s wrist as her face turned a fierce crimson and her blue eyes slowly grew colder than an Eskimo’s dick. “That motherfucker.”

Linx knew it was too late. It was on and he could only hope he could keep her calm enough not to blow his cover because one way or another, the man in question was going to get an earful.

Naomi looked from Trista to Linx and back again, her brown eyes wide with concern. “What’s the matter?”

“What the fuck is a Demon’s Bastard doing in a Lucifer Saints clubhouse during lockdown?”

All the sudden, every pair of eyes in their vicinity were on the two of them and Linx could only hope the blowback his wife was about to cause wouldn’t be enough to do major damage the night before he had to leave for Northern Ireland.


Elle Chardou is a world traveler and author of several different series.

Ms. Chardou is the author of The Ties That Bind Trilogy, The Atonement Series, The Hart Family Saga, The Vamp Saga, The Supernaturals, Undertow, and Beginnings: Book I (The Plague) series.

She is currently working on A Summer to Remember from the brand new Seasons of Love & Lust series, Only Love (The Atonement Series) and Queen of the Immortals from The Vamp Saga series.

Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Beautiful People:A Writer’s Journey ~ Follow Elle Chardou on Twitter ~

Like Elle Chardou on Facebook
Selene Chardou

is a featured author at

To see the entire list of Featured authors for this event along with all the details visit the website..


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Tis the Season of the Apocalypse Blog Tour + Giveaway



Dawn Of The Apocalypse
By: E.S.P.
August 9th, 2013
Genres: YA, Apocalypse, Sci-f

January 1, 2000.
May 21, 2011.
December 21, 2012

These are just a few of the days humans prophesied as bringing catastrophic events that would end the world. We predicted nuclear warfare. Drastic climate change. A call from God.

We were wrong.

Cue the gargoyle invasion—laboratory bred mutants designed to slaughter humans. When the government goes AWOL and gargoyles are swarming by the hundreds, it's up to the citizens of the United States to regroup and save themselves.

Meet Cliff Matthews, a teenage boy separated from his entire family with the exception of his younger sister, whom he is desperate to keep alive. Along the quest to save their lives, he encounters people who aren't all that they seem. Everyday's a battle, but if he can't trust his own species, where does that leave his family?

And we can't forget the man who may be willing to sacrifice Cliff's life, if it means world domination.

In terms of doomsday, no one could've seen this coming.

My Mom Can't Read My Books

I suppose she should be offended. She has a right to be. I mean, I would too. The woman who brought me into this world is officially banned from reading anything and everything I write, from now until forever.

When my mother first asked to edit my book, I was hesitant. For one, who gets their book edited by their mom? That's just tacky. And two, I didn't think she could handle it. Dawn of the Apocalypse is for a mature reader. One who thinks about the ending for days or has to close the book in between chapters to digest everything that's going on. My mom has never been that type of reader. The majority of what she reads is nonfiction, which I only read when I'm on Wikipedia or reading US Weekly.

I managed to hold her off for a while. I made up some excuses. Then I let my aunt, who is a professional editor, take a look at it. And that kind of pissed her off.

I like to think of myself as sparing my mother from my book. Even I have had nightmares about the creatures I created, especially when the book was finally released. Seriously, sometimes I hate myself for creating the gargoyles. They're piss in your pants scary. And I don't want my mother to be frightened.

So really, I'm doing her a favor.

One by one, the reviewers began getting the book. Then relatives. Then pretty much everyone but my mother has read the book. Hell, I don't even think she knows what is called.

I tried to make the next book different. During NaNoWriMo, I tried to write a book that she could read. One clean and appropriate. I don't know how, but my realistic fiction story turned to a high action murder mystery.

I wasn't born to write happy endings.

I wonder when I'll finally write a book I can take home to mother.


E.S.P.Being the daughter of an accomplished author, E.S.P. grew up listening to stories and telling her own to classmates. After writing for several years and even publishing some short works, she finally decided to take the plunge to write (plus finish!)a full length novel. Thus, Dawn of the Apocalypse was born. When she's not writing, she's either reading books, blogging at whoistheserialreader.blogspot.com, or watching eighties movies.

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Control Review


Published: December 26th, 2013
Genres: YA, Dystopian, Sci-f

When a crash kills their father and leaves them orphaned, Zel knows she needs to protect her sister, Dyl. But before Zel has a plan, Dyl is taken by strangers using bizarre sensory weapons, and Zel finds herself in a safe house for teens who aren’t like any she’s ever seen before—teens who shouldn't even exist. Using broken-down technology, her new friends’ peculiar gifts, and her own grit, Zel must find a way to get her sister back from the kidnappers who think a powerful secret is encoded in Dyl’s DNA.

Control has been one of my most anticipated books of the year, so when I was offered a review copy I jumped at the opportunity to read it! And I must say, Control did not disappoint. It's was great Science fiction/Dystopian book, and the perfect one to end my year off with a bang! 

I loved the Science aspect of Control, even though it got to be very confusing after a while. All the science and technical  wording was a lot to take in and understand. And the science fiction part was the main world building. Everything plotted around the science aspect, and how it can be manipulated and used to enhance human abilities. It was definitely different then anything I've ever read, and that's one of the main reasons why I enjoyed Control the most. It was new, and not something I have read before. Granted, the science aspect, children being born with strange powers/deformities, is not a first. But how many science fiction books have you read that has kids sprouting 4 arms, 2 heads, and green skin? None that I can think of!  Now, add that into the dystopian setting, and a corrupt agency, and race to rescue the one you love, and you have one heck of an adventure!

This book will keep you on your toes, and you have to really pay attention if your going to understand what's going on in the book. And I liked that, it was great to have to stay firmly engrossed in the plot, and have to get everything it offers to understand what going on.

I'll admit, the beginning wasn't my favorite part of the book. It felt like it dragged a little, but it quickly picks up after Zel and Dyl are separated. And when it did, it was in full force plot driven! 

The Plot...

The book starts with a bang, Zelia, her sister Dylia, and her father are quickly packing up to move for the umpteenth time. But when the unthinkable happens...The world they once new is shattered, and their strong trio is separated! 

When Zel & Dyl's father is killed in a horrible magpod accident, the truth is revealed, and what their father is really capable of, and what he's really been hiding from them, comes for them! After Dyl is kidnapped by people with strange abilities, Zel is forced to grow up and face the truth. What she's always known is a lie...And her father is not the man she thought she knew! The truth will turn her world upside down, and tear her remaining family apart! 

  Zel is rescued from New Horizons just in time and taken to a safe house to hide from her sisters captures. But when Zel arrives she meets teens that aren't like any she's ever meet. Kids with 4 arms, 2 heads, and green skin is only the tip of the iceberg of what Zel is about to face!  She is not giving up, and she is determined to get her sister back safe and sound, no matter the cost...But Zel never could of thought that to get her sister back, she would have to sacrifice one love, for another. Is Zel ready to face them kind of choices? And when the time comes, will she be able to choose between her sister, and the boy she's come to love???

So what you think? Sound amazing right??? It was! I thoroughly enjoyed Control, though I wish the Science aspect was broken down, and explained a little easier. But that was easy to overlook, with the fast-paced, action-packed, romanced-fill amazing plot, that will keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning, and still have you craving for more!! 

You want a different kinda read that will keep you glued to the very last page??? Well this is it, Control will do that and more!! A perfect book to end my year off with right!!!

Thank you Dial for sending me a ARC copy to review! All opinions express are my own, and are not influenced in any way!

4 Bone Hearts

Lydia KangI love salt more than chocolate. I'm somewhat small, yet deceptively strong. Sort of like an ant.

I write YA fiction, poetry and narrative medical nonfiction. I'm a part time doc, full time family member, and rather oxygen dependent.

My YA sci-fi novel, CONTROL, will debut December 2013 (Dial/Penguin). I'll be holding my breath until then. Watch me.

The Forgotten Ones Book Highlight + Giveaway

Title: The Forgotten Ones
Author: Laura Howard
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Series: The Danaan Trilogy #1
Published: April 28, 2013

Allison O'Malley's plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she's been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison's mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn't trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother's sanity.

Laura Howard lives in New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Her obsession with books began at the age of 6 when she got her first library card. Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other girly novels were routinely devoured in single sittings. Books took a backseat to diapers when she had her first child. It wasn’t until the release of a little novel called Twilight, 8 years later, that she rediscovered her love of fiction. Soon after, her own characters began to make themselves known. The Forgotten Ones is her first published novel.